Bayer's first documented presence in Romania was in the early 1920's since the Bayer Cross was first placed in Bucharest. Early business handled through the offices in Bucharest started in 1968. Today Bayer’s Romania's office is in Bucharest, Nusco Tower, 42 Pipera Road. The office hosts the Country Group Platform, Pharmaceuticals Division, Consumer Health Division and Crop Science Division.



Nusco Tower Sos. Pipera 42, etajele 1, 16, 17, Sector 2 Bucuresti

Inmatriculata la Registrul Comertului sub nr. J40/1852/1997

Cod Unic de Inregistrate: 9275030

Cod de Inregistrare fiscala: RO9275030

Capital social subscris si integral varsat 13.689 RON

phone: 021.529.5900

fax: 021.529.5998

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau


Representation office of S.C. Bayer S.R.L.


IDNO 1012600039590

196 Stefan cel Mare Bd

MD 2004, Chisinau

Phone: +373 22 854028

Fax: +373 22 854027