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Contributing to the future of agriculture


Bayer Crop Science Division is a world leader in terms of agricultural inputs. We support the global agriculture to become more productive, thus contributing to securing the adequate supply of high-quality foods.


The challenges the global agricultural community has to face are complex. A continuously growing world population, changing eating habits and volatile weather conditions - these are only some of the factors affecting global agricultural production today and in the future. How can we increase productivity and achieve food security for the more than 9 billion people on the planet by 2050? How can we help crop plants to withstand the changing climate? How can we most effectively support the transition from subsistence farming to a large-scale agricultural economy? And how can we ensure that high quality agricultural products reach the consumers? We are committed to contribute to these goals using our expertise in high value seeds through innovative solutions and biological crop protection and service for a modern and sustainable agriculture.


In order to meet the major challenges of modern agriculture we need innovative solutions. Developing plants with a high tolerance to stress in response to the increased volatility of weather conditions will be as important as the development of innovative solutions for disease control and pest control. As a result, we invest globally about 10% of our net sales in Research and Development. As a leader of innovation in the industry, our goal is to develop leading solutions both in the seeds and the chemical and biological protection of crops sectors. For this reason, we support an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation with external partners, recognizing the importance of the local cultural values that we strive to combine our global expertise.


Bayer Crop Science Division activity in Romania is performed on three main areas: Crop Protection developing and selling innovative highly performant and reliable: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and seed treatments; Environmental Science professional solutions for hygiene and public health; BioScience the use of biotechnology and conventional breeding techniques to provide high value solutions for agriculture and nutrition.


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