Health Care

Bayer is the only global company simultaneously researching improvements in human, animal and plant health. Systematic and intensive collaboration among researchers beyond their original specialization is providing new impetus. From world-renowned pharmaceutical products to high-tech platforms, from innovative diagnostics technologies to veterinary medicines – Bayer lives an innovation culture across national borders and areas of research.

Andreas Werner (left) and Francesco Lo Grande clean and monitor the stirring rods of an ointment mixer for the production of Bepanthen™ wound and healing ointment.

Consumer Health


In our Consumer Health Division, research and development activities at the product development centers in Morristown, New Jersey and Memphis, Tennessee, United States, and Gaillard, France, focus on developing non-prescription medicines, medical skincare products, foot care products, sunscreens and nutritional supplements to market maturity. Aligned to end consumers, our development strategies are geared toward expanding and improving our brand portfolio through new products and delivery forms. We also work to achieve reclassification of current prescription medicines as OTC products. We introduced a number of new product line expansions to various markets in 2014. They included new delivery forms and uses for existing brands such as Canesten™, Bepanthen™/Bepanthol™, Coppertone™ and Dr. Scholl’s™.

Lab assistant Carolin Geier examinating round worms in a lab in Monheim.

Animal Health


In our Animal Health business unit, we focus our research and development activities on antiparasitics, antibiotics and medicines to treat non-infectious disorders. We operate R&D centers in Germany, the United States, New Zealand and Brazil. Our central research activities are conducted in Monheim, Germany. We reinforce the business by continually identifying further product development candidates through our existing collaborations.