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    Bayer has a strong history of involvement in social, community and environmental programs.


Bayer Faces Up to Societal Needs

The challenges facing society have not changed. They have only grown. The aging and expanding world population requires new and better medicines, as well as a much larger and more reliable food supply. Which solutions does Bayer offer? More

Our projects

Bayer Romania Health Caravane

At Bayer, we are committed to support valuable projects... More 

Bayer Science Laboratory Romania

Science lies at the heart of the Bayer universe, nurtures innovation and... More

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Corporate Responsibility

Bayer has many responsibilities - one of which is to generate benefits for the communities in which we operate. This may happen through support at a national or international level, usually business linked and often driven by the needs of the community itself. More

Transparency on Transfers of Value to Doctors

Payments to Healthcare Professionals

Bayer is committed to fostering transparency in its financial relations with healthcare professionals and believes that it creates trust in the innovative pharmaceutical industry. More