• Health Care Provision Worldwide

As a Life Science company, one of our main business priorities is the healthcare sector. We develop innovative products and solutions that improve people's quality of life through disease prevention and therapy and also make a contribution to society

Family planning: Women in developing and emerging countries should be able to take control of their own lives. Zoom image
Family planning: Women in developing and emerging countries should be able to take control of their own lives. Working with partners, Bayer aims through the provision of more health information and education to reduce the risks associated with unplanned pregnancies and unsafe terminations.

In the area of prescription drug products, our work is primarily concentrated on cardiology and women’s healthcare, and on specialty therapeutics in the areas of oncology, hematology and ophthalmology. In the area of mainly non-prescription medicines, we market products in segments including dermatology, pain relief, gastrointestinal disorders, allergy, cough and cold and cardiovascular prevention.

Every year, we invest significant amounts in the research and development of new pharmaceuticals and therapies. We want people to be able to share in medical progress, regardless of their income or where they live. For details of our research and development programs, please read the integrated annual report 2016.

We also collaborate with various partners around the world in programs and initiatives. Our hormonal contraceptives, for example, are made available worldwide by family planning programs. We donate two of our active ingredients free of charge to the World Health Organization to assist in the fight against African sleeping sickness and Chagas disease, a widespread disease in Latin America. We are also further developing one of these active ingredients specifically for pediatric treatment and, in a product development partnership with the DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative), are investigating whether an active substance used by Bayer Animal Health could also be effective against river blindness in humans.

Prevention of Zika, Malaria, Dengue and Similar Diseases

While dengue fever can affect all population groups and receives widespread attention, other tropical diseases plague the poorest of the poor in our world.

> Find out how Bayer fights against neglected tropical diseases.

Our main focus in this regard is on product development and partnership projects. Furthermore, we provide training and educational initiatives aimed at achieving optimum outcomes for public health and the environment that are as sustainable as possible:

  • Disseminating knowledge: We educate local populations about vector-borne diseases and teach them the skills they need to prevent infections in their specific surroundings.
  • Online learning tools: We have developed an online, interactive learning platform for people living in high-risk areas: the Mosquito Control Learning Lab.
  • Partnerships: Since 2008,we have been working together with the IVCC (International Vector Control Consortium) to develop new insecticides that are urgently needed to protect the health of the population.
  • We also collaborate with national organizations, such as the IMR in Malaysia and the Noguchi Institute in Ghana, and with many other organizations in Africa.
  • Product stewardship: In addition to our range of products, we also provide support and training on the correct use of our products.
  • Collaboration: As part of our collaboration with the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) we provide the government in Puerto Rico with products and training materials to support the local population in their efforts to stem the Zika virus.