Our projects

Bayer Science Laboratory - Baylab

Science lies at the heart of the Bayer universe, nurtures innovation and offers us the premises to for a better life. A core part of Bayer’s involvement in the society consists of making science familiar to the general public and supporting individuals with an interest in innovation. To go one step further in this direction, we thought about taking science out of the laboratories and reveal it to the young generations in the best way possible. This is how Baylab was born.


Projects supported by Bayer Cares Foundation

Special commitments require resources. That is why the Bayer Cares Foundation supports volunteers from the Bayer Group and the area surrounding its sites with grants for projects. Here, the focus is on sustainable innovative approaches that can be used as a model for future projects.



A new project Bayer Romania ─ LIFE & Science Talks.

In short, a series of monthly  lectures for students,  through which we want to promote Bayer's expertise and vision in Life Sciences.

LIFE & Science Talks is part of the educational projects carried by Bayer in Romania, with the aim to increase pupils and students’ interest towards learning and science, as premise for a better life.


Bayer Romania Partners «Caravana cu Medici» Association

Our aim is to offer a better life to the communities we are present in. This is why, as of July 2016, we have happily partnered «Caravana cu Medici» Association, an NGO dedicated to provide free medical assistance and blood tests in rural areas of Romania to inhabitants with poor financial status or unable to reach basic healthcare services.

Thus, over 300 patients in each village we visit will benefit of a complex health status evaluation, which othewvise, for many of them, would still be a dream.