Bayer Science Laboratory Romania - Baylab

Where theory meets excitement

In a theoretical, stereotypical educational system, Bayer challenged the young Romanian children to enjoy science through play within Baylab. Initiated in 2014, the project was designed as a five-day event unfolded during the Alternative schooling week.


The figures were significant:

  • 5 days
  • 9 sessions per day
  • Around 30 children per session
  • 4 special sessions for NGOs

Different form the very first step

Every hour, groups of over 30 children stepped in a kaleidoscopic science world to learn exciting things about health and agriculture: how vitamin C can be discovered in various fruit juices, what is a leaf made of or how soil’s PH may be determined. Lecturers were 6 national Olympics in Biology and Chemistry, who succeeded in delivering the scientific information in the most attractive way.

At the end of the session, each of the young attendants was awarded a researcher diploma and was invited to share impressions in the Researcher’s Diary.

Baylab benefited of the Ministry of Education’s approval and the support of the School Inspectorate of Bucharest.

A daring project with a major impact on the society

This is how Baylab could be summed up:

  • An out of the box educational experience for children aged 6 – 12
  • Over 1,400 participants in 5 days during the 2015 edition (double capacity compared to the first edition)
  • A sound partnership between Bayer Romania and the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research
  • 100% positive feedback
  • Numerous requests for a longer-term edition of Baylab

2016 - the best edition so far


  • 100 sessions full of exciting and meaningful experiments
  • 5000 participants
  • 21 days in which we proved that SCIENCE IS FUN
  • An outstanding venue, right in the heart of the city