Bayer Romania and „Caravana cu Medici” Association: a partnership with a beating heart

2,000 patients from rural isolated areas of Romania benefitted of free medical assistance

„Science for a better life” is much more than a motto embraced by a company: it’s the promise Bayer makes to the community is present in. And the promise is successfully kept through meaningful projects such as the partnership with „Caravana cu Medici” Association.


As of July 2016, Bayer Romania joined „Caravana cu Medici” to offer free medical assistance to inhabitants of rural isolated areas. The Association is a non-governmental organization comprising a team of doctors, residents and medical students, offering their knowledge and time as a gift for those who need it most.


Thanks to Bayer Romania’s support, 6 such have caravans have unfolded between July – December, 2016 in with over 2,000 patients in the following locations: Priboieni, Argeş county; Partizani, Tulcea county; Teişani, Prahova county; Chiliile, Buzău county; Fântânele, Prahova county; Ţibăneşti, Iaşi county.


This is just the beginning of a collaboration with a beating heart, bringing together members of the medical community, local authorities and patients of all age groups, otherwise unable to reach even for basic medical assistance.