A new Bayer Romania project

The new year comes with good news: we are continuing Bayer Romania's project ─ LIFE & Science Talks.


In short, a series of lectures for students,  through which we want to promote Bayer's expertise and vision in Life Sciences.


Stay tunned! We will return soon with details about the upcoming events!

Editions LIFE & Science Talks 2017

How to deliver more than products?


On January 31 2017, the first conference was presented by Sorin Daraban, Marketing Manager in the Bayer’s Romania Crop Science Division and brought together about 30 students from the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest.


"I was very motivated to expand my boundaries and to work hard in order to reach my goal."

"I appreciated the transparency of the speaker, the amount of practical information transmitted and the diversity of topics (marketing, psychology, agriculture). The conference was very productive, I’ve received a lot of information, distributed fairly and consistently. I found no minuses. "


These are just some of the thoughts shared by the participants at the end of the event. Their proposals for the next sessions were also collected.


LIFE&Science Talks S.Daraban

LIFE&Scrience Talks S.Daraban  LIFE&Scrience Talks S.Daraban

On ethics in business, at the 2nd edition of LIFE & Science Talks


How can a company like Bayer make sure that integrity is the rule of thumb? By defining a set of crystal clear rules at global level, adapting them to the local legal requirements, be open for dialogue and continuously inform the whole team.


On February 22nd, 2017, students of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Medicine & Pharmacy and Law found out more on the ethics and compliance standards which position Bayer as a successful company for over one century, on the requirements in place at global and down to individual level, but also the risks and consequences of breeching.


The presentation was held by Mihai G. Popa, Country Head of Law, Patents and Compliance with Bayer Romania.


LIFE&Science Talks M.Popa


LIFE&Science Talks M.Popa LIFE&Science Talks M.Popa

Why we dislike science but find pseudo-science captivating


The answer is quite simple – because science is complex and cannot be based on assumptions. Each answer science provides is based on extensive and well-documented research. At the opposite pole stands pseudo-science, with its flexibility and capacity to take the shape of our beliefs and preferences.


So, how can one tell if a particular piece of information belongs to pseudo-science? Dr. Bogdan Pantelimon, Medical Director with Bayer Romania offered to attending students from the Faculty of Agriculture (USAMV Bucharest) and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF Carol Davila) a set of 15 questions, during  the third LIFE & Science Talks conference, which took place on March 29th, 2017.


The presentation titled «Critical thinking and scientific information» involved participants in an analysis of thinking patterns and how to take information with a pinch of salt, concluded with a Q&A session.


The next LIFE & Science Talks conference is scheduled for April 25th, 2017.


LS Talks Bogdan Pantelimon

When it's better NOT to sell yourself


Honesty and the desire to learn are by far the most looked-for qualities by an HR specialist during an interview.


But, until meeting stage, both parties have to come a long way.


  • What should a young candidate question before applying for a job?
  • What do HR professionals look for in a CV and what makes the difference between two candidates?
  • Dos and don'ts during an interview and why is better simply not to sell yourself
  • Why companies invest in an extensive recruitment campaigns and what does it mean?


Ana Maria Căldăruşe, Human Resources Business Partner with Bayer Crop Science, invited Bucharest Faculty of Agriculture students on the other side of the fence, in the shoes of a Human Resources professional committed to set up a sound, performant and enthusiastic team.


This is what LIFE & Science Talks is all about: useful information delivered to students, in an interactive format, by top professionals in their field.


LIFE&Science Talks  LIFE&Science Talks

The situation every communication specialist fears


Making your activity known outside the company is, most of the times, a pleasure. Should everything go as planned, of course.


But what happens when you are a communication specialist in a global company and an emergency situation starts worrying the entire team? Or, even worse, when all signs point to a crisis?


Which is the path leading from an issue to a crisis and how can it be diminished by efficiently tailoring your communication strategy? How do journalists work and which are their expectations?


All secrets were revealed to the students in the Medical Communication programme organized by the National School of Political Science and Public Administration, by Mrs. Ruxandra Pirojoc. Communications Director for Bayer Romania and Bulgaria.


LIFE&Science Talks

Zoom on: fall crops, with future specialists in agriculture


On November 14th, 2017, students of the University of Agronomical Sciences in Bucharest had the opportunity to meet Marius Stanciu, Head of Seeds with Bayer Cropscience Romania, Bulgaria &Moldova.


The topic?

A key one for the future specialists in agriculture – seed and successful technology on winter oil seed rape.


Details on canola technology, seeds production techniques and breeding – all were explained to the over 100 students attending the event.


Futhermore, participants got an overview on the world’s key crops, the evolution of canola crop in Romania and Europe, as well as few perspectives on the future.


Images speak for themselves.



LIFE & Science Talks


LIFE & Science Talks


LIFE & Science Talks