Same brand strength in better looks:

Bayer Officially Announces New Visual Identity

As of Q4, 2017, Bayer brand introduced itself in an evolved, vibrant and dynamic manner. The new visual identity was imagined in deep connection to brand’s core values and its key competences in the Life Sciences field, namely Health and Nutrition. Changes in exterior communication are in place starting January, 2018.

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A deep understanding of industries, consumers’ preferences and team insight served as foundation of this complex process. By putting people’s wellbeing at the center, Bayer brand became more relevant and differentiated from competitors than ever before.


It is also the way the company chose to match its operations with its visual interface – as strategy evolves, strong brands, just like strong companies, never stand still: they constantly evolve and grow. Against the backdrop of a changing world, Bayer strategy has evolved – so the brand simply had to follow suit.


One can easily see that it is a great opportunity to show the world that Bayer is a dynamic, agile, people business. We invite every single one of you to join us on this new and inspiring journey.